Our process

How we do it

We can adapt to each project and employ the necessary and specialised methods. Projects are often split into the phases below.

First, we need to understand the problem and how it fits into your business. We can organise meetings and workshops to identify projects that will provide the highest ROI in a suitable time.

If you have data, we will conduct an exploratory analysis to detect patterns and correlations, which will all feed into a report complete with visualisations. If you don't have your data yet - we can help you with data collection.

We will conduct multiple different experiments in parallel to develop, evaluate, and compare the performance of multiple Data Science and A.I. models. These models can predict future trends, detect objects in images, categorise items of interest, and more.

When the model is ready to go, we can integrate it within a web, mobile, game, desktop, or server application. All features of the model will be available, scalable, user-friendly, and complete with the state-of-the-art in security.

Once your solution has been deployed, we can continue to tune and optimise your model to best suit your needs.

We can design documentation, training materials, and deliver workshops to support your employees and their use of data science and AI solutions.



Every project is different and may benefit from one or many of the services we offer.

We can help you build structured datasets by gathering and measuring information within new or existing initiatives.

Detect patterns and predict future outcomes and trends - market conditions, product sales, and resource requirements.

Extract knowledge from natural-language, including facts, relationships, and assertions. Turn unstructured data into structured data.

Detect or count objects in images and video, classify them into multiple categories, and detect important characteristics.

Real-world problems often involve multiple objectives with inherent trade-offs. Optimise your solutions according to your preferences.

We can develop software for many platforms. This includes the web, mobile, desktop, embedded devices, and games consoles.

Communicate information with clarity and efficiency, ultimately aiding the viewer in their analysis by making the data digestible.

Powered by an intuitive and friendly user-interface, navigate "at-a-glance" views of key performance indicators or present high-level information to your users.

Projects often outgrow their original environments and become disorganised. We can help you re-organise, automate, and present your experiments (audit ready).


Whether you'd like to arrange a meeting or ask a few questions, you can contact us by phone or e-mail and someone will get in touch.

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